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2022 is promising

It's been a tough two years for sports worldwide.  The virus created chaos for college and pro sports. Cancellations and reschedules became a daily adventure. We have done our best to keep up with the constant changes encountered.

Its such a pleasure to see sellout crowds enjoying the competition once again. We are still double checking schedules each day to see if there are any alterations lurking out there. The NHL routinely alters their original schedule to deal with all of the earlier cancellations.

Enduring the baseball strike and revisiting the baseball schedule for 2022, we are preparing to handle baseball this season. Sorry about deleting the NBA. Not really. Our view is that the NBA has become a complete mess. Players are organizing their own teams and arranging rosters to suit themselves. One guy started that trend. Not GM material. It just doesn't do much for the competitve spirit. Hey, let's all play for some coastal team in a warm climate. Or in Brooklyn, for some reason that defies logic.

Doesn't play well in Peoria. Or in most of the "fly-over" venues. Then, throw in "load management". A nice way of saying these poor multi-millionaires need their rest at the expense of the suffering fans that pony up small fortunes to watch the best players in the sport relax. Send me a million dollars and I'll send you a picture of me sleeping through an NBA broadcast.

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