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= We don't recommend these programs for use in Windows 98!
This page was updated on Thursday, February 24, 2000. All links have been checked as of this date. These links seem to be changing constantly, If you find a dead one, please e-mail me. Thanks!

The internet is loaded with wonderful Freeware programs, particularly for Windows 95/98. Many of these programs are internet utilities, but others are games, disk/file utilities, Win95/98 add-ons, etc. The best thing about Freeware is that it's absolutely free ... just download and install it. Some of these may be available for Windows 3.1 or Mac, check the homepage for details. First, a word from our sponsor, then a few of our favorite selections:

Do your friends a favor, Link to this page. We'll show you the easy way.

Adobe Type Manager Light 4.1 is now FREE!

This is big news for graphics oriented users of Windows 95/98 or NT. In the past, you had to purchase a rather pricey program called Adobe Type Manager (ATM) in order to use Adobe PostScript Type I fonts. With TrueType so prominent, PS fonts have become far less important to the average computer user over the years. But many fonts are only available as PS Type I, and if you ever plan to prepare materials for offset printing, PostScript fonts are the way to go to insure the best possible reproduction of your designs. PS support is now built into Windows 2000. But for users of Windows 95/98/NT, you can now get the appropriate version of ATM Light 4.1 at:

You must register with Adobe, but that's a small price to pay for such a powerful utility. The English language version is 12.7 mb. WAY TO GO, ADOBE!!!

WinAmp v2.60 is now FREE

WinAmp has long been one of the premier MP3 music players for Windows. The big news is that the program is now free. At one time, it was a commercially sold program. A great little player, with playlist capability built in, equalizer, volume control, etc. There is a Basic Version (559kb) and a Complete Version (1.95mb) which plays more file formats.

WinAmp Home Page
Download WinAmp (You must agree to the License Agreement)

Windows Resource Meter

Resource Meter is a handy little tray tool that will allow you to easily monitor the available resources in your Windows computer. The best news is that you already have Resource Meter. It comes with Windows 95/98. The usual location is: c:\windows\rsrcmtr.exe. Just add a shortcut to this file in this folder: C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp, and it will start next time you boot up. Put your cursor over it's icon in the tray for an instant reading of resource availability. Or just keep an eye on the color-coded icon. It'll turn YELLOW when your resources are getting low. Then, you can close a window or two and keep on computing more safely. Prevent crashes! (Not ALL of them, of course!)


As the Internet becomes increasingly commercialized, your privacy is threatened. You probably don't even realize that somewhere, someone may be attempting to access your computer during this very internet session. And they might succeed! For the first time (to our knowledge) you can now build a FREE firewall around your computer and take full command over which programs can access the internet and when they may do so. Also, you can cut off unwanted intruders at the pass! We can't go into all of the details of this free download here, but you should consider adding this gem to your collection. If you don't think this stuff happens, install Zone Alarm and surf over to!

Visit the ZoneLabs site

JumpToIt v1.0

Here's a simple little utility which can make your browsing easier. After a while, some of us collect a ridiculous number of bookmarks. And yet, there are maybe 20 sites that we visit repeatedly. Imagine an icon sitting in your tray that you can click to bring up a sorted menu of links. Click on the link and your browser goes there. You must manually add new sites and web addresses, but for those sites you visit repeatedly - it's a streamliner for sure. And a FREE one at ZDNet.

PC Magazine's JumpToIt Download Page

BuddyPhone v2.06

If you've wanted to take full advantage of your internet connection, try BuddyPhone. This little freeware gem will allow you to carry on reasonably normal voice conversations with anyone on the net at no extra cost whatsoever. The one thing you must remember is that transmission of voice calls over dial-up modems may take 1-2 seconds. So, hesitate slightly before you respond. Another factor to consider is the capability of your sound card. The better ones are capable of "full-duplex" transmissions. This means you can talk and listen at the same time. BuddyPhone will tell you if your card has this capability. If not, you may have to press the space bar to talk, release to listen in the "half-duplex" mode. Still easy to do. The only drawback is the annoying advertising that appears adjacent to your on-screen BuddyPhone. You can eliminate the annoyance with a $19.95 bribe to the BuddyPhone people. Used in conjunction with an Instant Messenger, you'll be talking to friends and relatives all over the world. You must know when they are online. BuddyPhone offers some kind of system for this purpose, as well. We used an IM for the task.

BuddyPhone Home Page (you must register)

ReleaseRAM v1.21

We have long been convinced that Windows 95/98 leaks memory over the course of time. Now, we're sure of it. The single most common cause of Windows crashes is the lack of resources available to handle requested tasks. You start a program and RAM is used. You close the same program and that RAM may or may not be released ... Eventually, you get the big blue Screen of Death. If you are a power user of Windows, you simply owe it to yourself to check out ReleaseRAM from New Zealand. It will not only monitor your free RAM, but it will force the release of RAM in two ways - you can tell it to release RAM on a timed basis or on a minimum RAM level basis - or BOTH! This is one of those programs Microsoft would have incorporated into their Windows OS if they had cared about the consumer in any way, shape or form. 30-day demo, registration is approximately $15 U.S.

ReleaseRAM Home Page
Download ReleaseRAM (2.12mb)

EFax Fax by Email

Every now and then, a truly revolutionary product hits the internet. EFax is one of them. Simply apply for a free EFax account and you will be issued a fax telephone number. Anyone can send a fax to that phone number and it will be forwarded to you by EMAIL! That's right, you will receive the fax by email. You are given a special fax viewing/printing program. You can also convert the fax to a self-viewing file that can be sent by email to anyone. They also offer EFax Plus, a nice upgrade of services for only $2.95 per month, plus some online time charges. But the free service is great.

EFax Home Page
Read more about EFax

As-Easy-As Spreadsheet

For many years, the premier DOS shareware spreadsheet was As-Easy-As. At long last, Trius, Inc. has created a new version of As-Easy-As for Windows 95. You can download a 30-day demo. Registration is $59 U.S. You can expect a top notch product from Trius. Solve those spreadsheet needs at an economical price.

Read more about it at the Trius homepage. (Download is 1.3 megs)

CDex for MP3 v1.20

You have probably heard all of the fuss about MP3 music files. If you have a CD-Rom drive in your computer, you can now dabble in the wonderful world of MP3. CDex is a freeware solution for ripping digital audio tracks from a music CD and compressing the data into the MP3 format. This is an all-in-one solution and it's FREE. It's endorsed by ZDNet, so you know it's reliable stuff. The direct download link here is for version 1.20. We recommend you visit the CDEX website and get the full story. CDex can now rip your audio tracks and write MP3 files on the fly. No need to store massive WAV files anymore ...

Read about CDex
Download CDex (version 1.20, 790 kb)

ScramDisk v2.02

Everyone likes a little privacy. ScramDisk can give you privacy on your computer. This freeware gem allows you to create a disk drive partition that is encrypted. Anything on that virtual drive can be used seamlessly by those that know the password. No password, no access to the drive in any way. The encryption and decryption is essentially invisible once you gain access to the drive. You also have a wide variety of encryption schemes to choose from. How about triple DES? Or would you prefer Blowfish? The program and user manual in .PDF format is 316 kb. Source code is also available.

ScramDisk Home Page
ScramDisk Download Page

FreeZip v1.4.8

FreeZip is a small freeware program designed to allow you to unzip .ZIP files that you often find on the internet, AOL, CompuServe or local BBS's. Only 267k and it gives you the simple ability to extract files from a .ZIP archive to either the current directory or to a "nominated" directory of your choosing. FreeZip integrates with Windows Explorer and uses file associations and context menus to zip or unzip files, including long file names and subdirectories. If you know how to use Windows Explorer, then you do not have to learn anything new to use FreeZip. The setup is a single-click process and there are no options or settings involved. FreeZip comes as a executable file, freezip.exe. Simply download it, then find it in Windows Explorer and double-click on freezip.exe to install.

Download FreeZip (291kb)

PKZip v2.70 for Windows

It has come to our attention that PKWare, the originators of PKZIP and PKUNZIP for DOS, have released a new version of PKZip for Windows. We have not evaluated PKZip for Windows, but these are the people that pioneered Zip technology. They still offer a version for DOS that will handle long filenames. PC Magazine gives it top marks ... and that's usually a good sign. Nagged shareware. (740 kb)

Download PKZip v2.70 for Windows 95/98
Download PKZip v2.60 for Windows 3.1 or NT 3.5

RealPlayer 7 Basic

RealPlayer 7 is the player you need to enjoy the majority of streaming audio and video on the internet today. There are three versions available, RealPlayer 7, RealPlayer 7 Plus and RealPlayer 7 Pro. The standard version is built into the latest distribution of Netscape Communicator. It's also available to all as a free download. The Plus version is sold for $29.95 and adds some bells and whistles. There is also a "pro" version for $49.95. Clear over to the right of the web page is a link for RealPlayer 7 Basic. That's the FREE one and it's just great. Don't be fooled into paying for the upgraded versions ... unless you mean to do so.

Microsoft Windows Media Player v6.4

The new Microsoft Media Player can play NetShow ASF, QuickTime, AVI, MPEG, and WAV file formats. We've been forced to take another look at Media Player because Microsoft has chosen to abandon RealMedia formats. Though Microsoft clearly would like to destroy RealMedia, they have no shot. Still, some streaming material is only available with Media Player, so we feel you should consider this free download.

KillAd v0.11

Here's a FREE pop-up ad killer. To quote the author, "As you may have noticed, many Internet sites love to open additional browser windows (so called "popups") with advertising contents. KillAd assists you to close all undesirable popups automatically. Being a fairly sophisticated software full of features, it is highly customizable, small in size, undemanding to system resources, fast, and (I hope) reliable." Freeware. No automatic installer. Read the home page for installation instructions. Create a folder and unzip the files into it ...

KillAd Homepage
Download KillAd (42kb)

InCtrl4 (In Control)

In Control tracks all system changes when you install a new program under Windows 95. Registry changes, .ini files, new files in existing directories are all tracked by InCtrl. Uninstall programs and the Add/Remove facility in Win95 often leave these changes and files behind. Take command of your installations with this free utility from PC Magazine. This newest version adds a high speed, real-time reporting mode for Win95/98.

Read about InCtrl4
Download InCtrl4 (818 kb)

Yeah Write Word Processor v1.6
Yeah Write is a word processor, but a lot more and a lot less. You really need to check this one out. It's a lean, mean word processing dream. Created by original members of the WordPerfect crew, YW is meant to be easy to use, quick to load and useful to all. Download includes freeware version, trial version and full version (which requires registration). Only $29 to register the full version. Great for laptops.

Home Page
Download Yeah Write for Windows 95/98 (1.1 mb)
Download Yeah Write for Windows 3.1 (1.0 mb)

NetLaunch v3.14e

NetLaunch is a freeware program that will automatically open software of your choosing upon detection of an internet connection. You can configure it to start a browser, email client, HTML editor, news reader, you decide. Upon closing your connection, NetLaunch can close your internet software as well, if you so choose.

Author's home page
NetLaunch Download Page

Alex's FTP Server

Have you ever wished you could set up your own computer as an FTP server for a little while? Would you like to share files with a friend or business associate, but e-mail is simply out of the question due to size and attachment limitations? Now you can connect to the internet, run Alex's FTP Server and you are in business. Select a default directory, set user id/passwords allowed and that's about it. Then notify your associate of the IP address of your temporary FTP site. Very simple to use. VERY simple. Much easier than anything we've seen. And best of all, it's FREEWARE. For Windows 95/98.

Alex's FTP Server Homepage
FTP Server v0.7 with Installer (747kb)
FTP Server v0.7 Files Only (158kb)

Dipstick v2.52

Dipstick is a simple utility designed to save time when you are doing large downloads from the internet. If you've ever downloaded Netscape or similar huge software packages, you may have been given a choice of many mirror sites to choose from. is famous for doing this. They will give you sites in 25 countries. But which one is the fastest? You have no clue, it's a little like roulette. With a copy of Dipstick installed, you can quickly analyze the entire list of sites and know with authority which site is the fastest! This can save hours of download time for a large file!!! Requires MFC42.DLL on your system.

Author's homepage
Download program only (227kb)
Download program and MFC42.DLL (657kb)

PrintFile v2.1.3

PrintFile is a terrific timesaver for users that repeatedly need to print certain files that they have created. First, you must set up your computer to "Print to File" for your particular printer. Then when you create a computer document, you can print it to a file. PrintFile allows you to print that file at any time without first having to start the original application. No need to fire up MS Word, or Excel or PageMaker, etc. just to print a file. Just run PrintFile and select the .PRN file you have stored. Also prints plain text and EPS files. This program is a little hard to explain, but it's freeware and well worth your time to download and try. Read more about it on the author's homepage. Both 16-bit and 32-bit versions in zip.

PrintFile Homepage
Download PrintFile v2.1.3 (191kb)

Power Toys for Windows 95

Microsoft left a number of things out of Windows 95 that most users would appreciate. This little package solves a few of the problems. Our favorite is QuickRes for changing the screen resolution from the taskbar. TweakUI and Send to X are other handy additions to your system. You need to download powertoy.exe, double-click on it to expand the archive, then right-click on the .INF files to install the individual utilities. Also, you may read descriptions of each toy and download them individually at the Microsoft Power Toys page.

Download Power Toys (209kb)

TweakUI for Windows 98 (Updated)

TweakUI for Windows 95/98/00/Me is part of the PowerToys package listed above for Windows 95. When Windows 98 came along, Microsoft put out a newer version for the new operating system. True to form, they have now pulled it from their site, despite the fact that TweakUI is incredibly useful for fine tuning the Windows 98 environment.

You can read more about TweakUI and find versions for XP as well as for 95/98/00/Me:
Here's the 95/98/00/Me Version:


ConfigBack is a little freeware utility from Microsoft that allows you to save your Windows 95 configuration to a file. It's never a bad idea to do this before a major installation like Internet Explorer 4.0, which wants to reconfigure your entire computer to suit Microsoft (not you!). ConfigBack will let you save up to 9 different configurations and restore them at a later date.

Download ConfigBack

RegClean v4.1a (Updated)

RegClean 4.1a is another nice Microsoft utility designed to deal with the Windows 95 registry files. It claims to clean up anything that gets messed up during installations, emergency shutdowns, etc. Microsoft is now offering a slightly revised version, effective January 8, 1998. Well, the file disappeared from the Microsoft site again, so we found an alternative location.

Download RegClean (Site may not always be available. Keep trying.)

Split Files Shell Extention v3.0a

Split Files Shell Extension is a free, helpful Windows 95 and Windows NT utility designed for anyone who frequently works with oversized files. It works with the Windows 95 Explorer right-click menu to offer a quick and easy way to split large files into smaller pieces, directly onto floppies or to any other drive on your system. Eight predefined file sizes are available, along with a custom setting to allow you to specify the file size or the files number. A merge facility allows you to rejoin split files. Split Files Shell Extension is simple to set up and easy to use.

Read about Split Files Shell Extention
Download Split Files (293kb)

Virtual Desktop v2.0

Virtual Desktop is a program that allows you to have up to eight virtual desktops (screens), and switch among them very easily. A name, a hot key (to switch to the desktop), and a wallpaper can be associated to each desktop. The applications (their windows) can be moved among desktops very easily. The desktops are displayed in the tray area, in the menu or in a floating window that allows you to switch very quickly among the desktops. For Windows 95 or 98.

Read about Virtual Desktop
Download Virtual Desktop (103kb)

Free Fonts from Microsoft

Your friends (?) at Microsoft have also set up a web page offering free fonts for use with Windows 95, 3.1 or Apple Mac. Fonts include WebDings (dingbats), Trebuchet, Georgia, Verdana, Comic Sans, Arial Black and Impact. Also available here are the standard Windows fonts: Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New. Many webpages are designed using Verdana, Comic Sans, etc. Now you can view these pages correctly from Windows 3.1 and the Apple Mac as well. Microsoft has been working hard to provide web designers with methods to use fonts of their choice that can be downloaded on the fly in your web browser.

Free TrueType Fonts from Microsoft

Microsoft Paint95 Update

This file updates the Paint program provided in Windows 95. It is especially designed for use when Office 97 is installed on your system. This update will allow you to edit, view and save .GIF and .JPG files! The old original version would not handle these formats.

Direct Download (Approx. 740k)

Dunce v2.52

You can totally automate your Windows 95/98 internet connection routine with this great freeware utility from Vector Development. With one click, Dunce will dial-up your ISP, log you on and start up to four applications of your choice. You might have it activate a mail checker, for example. This is one you shouldn't be without. Not for use with America Online. 150 kb. Another fine product from Kansas!

Dunce Description Page

TurboMail v4.6

TurboMail v4.6
TurboMail is a mail notification program for Windows 95 that is lightning fast and even allows you to read your email without opening a bulky email client, such as Outlook, Eudora or Netscape Messenger. This is a real piece of work. Though it can't support attachments, it's purpose is to deliver your text email in a hurry and that it does. You may later retrieve the same email in your bulky email client for permanent storage or responding. Freeware/Shameware at its finest from Israel. We say "shameware" because it works if you don't pay for it, but you are expected to feel a sense of shame for doing so ... $10 to register. (110 kb)

TurboMail Home Page
Download TurboMail 4.6

SpammerSlammer v1.3

Do you hate spam e-mail as much as we do? Probably. SpammerSlammer is a freeware solution worth trying. SS can be run with most major e-mail clients to automatically smoke out spam and tag it for special treatment when retrieved. You may then filter the spam, review the spam or just delete the junk! Works well with Netscape, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Eudora and Pegasus Mail. Check it out, you have nothing to lose but junk e-mail. About 1.3 mb.

SpammerSlammer Home Page
Download SpammerSlammer

NetStock v1.47

One of the net's truly great freeware gems, NetStock is a little utility for monitoring stock, bond, mutual fund prices and the various indices for the markets. Configure it to evaluate your portfolio or just fetch current prices. Even has some export capabilities for Quicken users. One click and your prices appear, using your internet connection. Now available in 16-bit or 32-bit versions. This baby is constantly being updated, but the links below will get you the current version. (Approximately 70kb)

Download Netstock 16-bit (Zip File)
Download Netstock 32-bit (Zip File)
Download Netstock 32-bit with Self Extractor

Atom Time v1.4b - Freeware version

AtomTime95 will connect to the Atomic Clock time server in Boulder, CO and fetch the current atomic clock time value. It then compares this value to your PC time and displays the difference. You then have the option of updating your PC clock to match the atomic clock value. There are also advanced settings that allow the application run in a much more automated manner. 105kb. AtomTime has gone commercial. AtomTime98 is sold for $10. However, the freeware version is available all over the internet. You can still download from here.

Download Atom Time v1.4b

My Yahoo News Ticker

ION (Instant Online News) news & stock control for Windows 95/98. Like PointCast Network, ION brings you the news and stock data you need, but it puts it where you can see it anytime: in the Windows 95/98 taskbar. 306 kb.

Download My Yahoo News Ticker

PointCast EntryPoint

PointCast Network is now a part of EntryPoint. Downloading the EntryPoint client gives you a great array of useful information from a toolbar on your desktop. Free news, sports, weather, web search and easy shopping. "Everything you want from the internet in one little toolbar ..." -EntryPoint. Very cute toolbar that stays on top. Our only complaint is that the close program "X" and some other material is off the screen for 640x480 users. They apparently must right-click on the icon in the taskbar and select Exit just to kill the thing.


NoteTab Lite v4.8

Super NoteTab is a terrific freeware replacement for the extremely lame Windows 95 Notepad. You'll wonder how you ever got along without this one. All of the features you could probably even dream up are already in this baby. It's even "web enabled", allowing you to easily edit HTML files. If the toolbar does not display correctly, you may need to update comctl32.dll on your system. See the author's homepage for details. Approximately 1.2 mb.

Download Super NoteTab Lite v4.8

Calc98 v4.5

Calc98 is a powerful freeware replacement for the Windows 95/98/00 Calculator. It has Normal, Fixed, Scientific, and Financial displays; Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Statistics, Financial, Angle, and Time modes; and three different angles. You can store settings and data, and transfer numbers via the Clipboard to and from other Windows programs. 16-bit version is still available - see the author's homepage. 32-bit: Approximately 230kb. Registration is FREE.

Download Calc95 v4.5 (Self Extracting)

Yankee Clipper Plus

YC 1.0 is a Clipboard memory/stacker that remembers the last 20 TEXT entries to the Clipboard. The Yankee Clipper will also print the entire contents of your clipboard- nicely word wrapped, formatted and dated, no limits on text size, Stay on top checkbox, Ability to clear history. Yankee Clipper Plus is even better than version 1.0. Read about it at the author's homepage. YC Plus is freeware, but there is a Shareware version (v2.0) as well, $14.95.

Download Yankee Clipper Plus

Eudora v5.0 (Sponsored or Lite Mode)

Eudora v5.0 is a free mail client for Macintosh and Windows platforms. To use Eudora v5.0, you must have a mail account on a POP server (to receive mail), and access to a SMTP server (to send mail). The Sponsored version is FREE, but has advertising. The Lite version is free, has no advertising, but fewer features than the Sponsored version. The Pro version will cost you. Full featured, no ads.

Explanation of the 3 Modes of Eudora
Eudora Download Page (Registration required)

PegasusMail v3.12b

Pegasus Mail is perhaps the world's most popular POP3 email client. And why is that? It's totally FREE. There are no restrictions whatsoever on it's use and it is under constant development. They offer to sell you printed manuals as a means of supporting product development. What an attitude. Versions available for Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, and even for DOS.

PegasusMail Home Page
Download PegasusMail for Windows 95/98 (Just over 3mb)

PureVoice Player/Recorder

You may now record your voice and send it via e-mail to friends and associates with this freeware from Eudora. You will need a sound card and microphone to record messages. The process is easy to learn. Pure Voice integrates easily into Eudora e-mail software, but will also work well with any other e-mail client. Pure Voice employs digital compression to reduce .wav files by around 90% for the average voice clip. Send the clip as an e-mail attachment, along with the location for the recipient to get the recorder/player for themselves!

Pure Voice Information Page

nCopy v2.0

If you have a TWAIN compliant scanner (and most newer ones are), you have the ability to scan a document, import it into a graphics program and print copies. With nCopy, you can eliminate the graphics program and just make copies directly. The unregistered version prints a footer on each page for demonstration purposes. Registration is only $10 U.S.

Copier Download Page

Adobe Acrobat Reader® v4.0

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader® allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms. Acrobat Reader® is the free viewing companion to Adobe Acrobat® 4.0 and to Acrobat Capture® software. Don't confuse the products. Acrobat is for creating PDF files and sells for big bucks ($249 U.S.). The Reader is FREE. More and more documents are showing up in the .PDF format. This is because the document designer can integrate text and graphics for any platform and deliver it all to the Acrobat Reader® user. With the Acrobat Reader®, you can view and print documents in their originally designed form. By the way, virtually all IRS tax forms are available on the web in PDF form. Never be without a tax form again! Available in 16-bit or 32-bit. Version 4.0 is now available. Read about improvements in Version 4.0.

WS_FTP LE v5.06

If you are interested in the wonderful world of FTP, then WS_FTP is for you. The limited edition version (LE) is free to "qualified non-commercial users" (that probably means you). WS_FTP makes sending and receiving files to/from FTP sites a breeze. If you maintain a homepage on the web, try WS_FTP for uploading - it's GREAT. If you visit and search for files of a certain nature, WS_FTP will help you in downloading them. Also available: WS_FTP Pro v6.0, a commercial version (30-day demo) which costs $37.50 US to register. They don't make it very clear that WS_FTP 5.06 LE is FREE. But it is, you simply need to select it and register with Ipswitch for the free download.

Download Directory for WS_FTP

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CacheX for Netscape v2.03
CacheX for Internet Explorer v2.03

If you spend much time browsing the WWW, you should really consider trying this software from Matthias Wolf of Berlin, Germany. Cache Explorer provides you with the ability to review any web pages you have recently visited when you are offline. Let that sink in. If you wish to refer back to a website you visited two days ago, Cache Explorer will let you bring up those pages, assuming they are still in your cache, complete with all graphics in place. This is remarkably helpful, especially for laptop users that may be away from a telephone line! We don't link directly to this software because you should really visit the website. The newest version for Netscape includes an optional patch which will vastly improve performance with Netscape. 30-day free evaluation. $20 U.S. for single-user license.

CacheX Home Page
Netscape Cache Explorer
MSIE Cache Explorer

MightyFax v2.9

Mighty Fax is the perfect solution for faxing from Windows 95. MightyFax works like a printer driver. If you can print it, you can fax it through your faxmodem. The program allows you to fax directly from any Windows 95 program. You can also receive, view and print faxes with MightyFax. When you download the program, it is configured to allow you enough uses to evaluate the program. The fee to register the program is only $19.95. Try it, you'll like it. Also available for Win NT. (Shareware, Approximately 1.3 megs)

Download MightyFax for Win 95
Download MightyFax for Win NT

WinZip v8.0

WinZip is simply the best utility available for handling ZIP archive files in a Windows environment. WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of Zip files without requiring PKZIP and PKUNZIP. The new WinZip Wizard makes unzipping easier than ever. WinZip features built-in support for popular Internet file formats, including TAR, gzip, Unix compress, UUencode, BinHex, and MIME. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. If you want to work with archived files, get WINZIP. (Shareware, roughly 943 kb)


Download Page

McAfee VirusScan Anti-Virus

McAfee Associates has been a world leader in anti-virus software. Recently, McAfee merged with Network General, PGP and Helix to form Network Associates. McAfee's VirusScan is once again available from Versions are available for DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and Mac. The beauty of VirusScan is that to update the software, you can quickly download the newest data files from McAfee absolutely free. As the list of known virii continues to grow, so does the .DAT file from McAfee. Check out the 30-day Evaluation version for Windows 95. See homepage for other available versions. Win95/98 version is around 4 megs. Also available from the McAfee Download Page are trial versions of PGP Personal Privacy, Guard Dog (for internet virus protection), First Aid 2000, Uninstaller, 2000 Toolbox, Nuts and Bolts 98 and Timbuktu Remote Control (remote PC operation and file transfer). A site well worth visiting!!!

Home Page
VirusScan Download Page
Download Latest .DAT file

UltraEdit v6.2

UltraEdit is probably the best text and hex editor available anywhere. It even has spell checking capabilities. Have you ever loaded a file into Windows Notepad and found that it was too big for Notepad to handle? Get UltraEdit and those days are gone. The author gives you a 45-day evaluation for free. That should be plenty of time to convince you that UltraEdit is worth the price of $30 US. You will also receive free upgrades for up to a year ... and this guy keeps improving the product. Great shareware.

Download Options
Register Now - it's only $30

PaintShop Pro v6.02

Graphic designers and just plain folks have fallen in love with Paint Shop Pro. Whether you design graphics for the World Wide Web or just like to paint on your Windows computer, Paint Shop Pro is the ideal product for your system. Want to edit a .jpg graphic that you found on the web? PSP will let you do it. Want to convert graphics from BMP to the GIF format? Crop, color correct, add text ... There are simply too many features to mention here ... visit the website for details. Includes Animation Shop for creating animated gif files. You can evaluate PSP for up to 30 days at no cost. There is also a version that works for Windows 3.1. The price to register is $99 US.

Download Paint Shop Pro (15 megs)

For many, many more FREEWARE programs, check out these sites:

The next best thing to FREEWARE is SHAREWARE without the annoying nag screens that are so common. The place to find great non-nagging shareware (and freeware) is:

Other great software sites include:

Occasionally, we run across a gold mine of freeware programs, all at one site. Try these:

If you know of a nice collection of freeware, please email us the URL!

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